Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 going into 2013

as usual i always do this kindda post at the end of the year..

let's see eh ape yg i tulis for my hopes in 2012..

its the end of the year, and the start of a new one!

okey.. let's review
eh cop cop.. xnak wat camtu.. aku nk tulis my achievement for the year 2012 dulu ye

1) lovelife - berjaya dirisik, bertunang, bernikah, bersanding and bertandang all in this year! hoho.. in the past 2 years, my lovelife has always been my greatest achievement! ahahahaha.. =D

2) career life - errrr... completed my housemenship in HUKM! hoyey! alhamdulillah.. fully-registered doctor now. but........... skrg menjadi MO di klinik kesihatan (FELDA!!) air tawar 2. wuuuuu... xberjaya dgn misi to get a job in Johor Bahru. tp ermm.. okla syukur gak laa.. sbb still boleh drive pergi balik that 45km everyday to work.

3) social life - able to spend my last few months with #gurlfrenz tersayang before moving to JB for good. cume tahun ni tak ade vacation kot. a few yg i igt is morq's baby shower in batu layar, labour day in PD, my bridal shower in melaka. yg lain just few small gatherings here and there.. oh ade vacation gurlfrenz yg di-plan iaitu utk ke krabi, but i have to cancel mine as my husband having his pw4 open exam. dlu ade plan jugak nk ke singapore.. but cam tak pernah menjadi.. its ok..

so let's think about the future.. 2013! bring it on!!!

1) produce a baby!! muahahaha... was previously thinking to have at least 1 raya aidilfitri berdua dgn husband je.. but since i'm already pregnant, might as well have the baby in 2013! hoyeahhh..

2) buy a house or at least have a place of our own. i'm currently living (or should i say tumpang tinggal) either in my in-law's house or my nenek's house. so hopefully 2013 will bring good luck to me and my husband ;)

3) pasal career ermm.. ok maybe cube utk ikhlaskan hati bekerje di situ for at least 1 year utk cari pengalaman di klinik kesihatan before submitting my transfer application. i really wanted to work in HSI, i mean hospital-based. but urmm.. xpelah.. maybe ade hikmah yg i belom nampak skrg. sile ikhlaskan hati wahai Dr Aziah..

4) eventhough, i live far away (ececehh.. far sgt keee??) from all other #gurlfrenz, i hope at least i can join them for any big events. i dont wanna miss it. anddd... apart from them, i also wanted to keep being friends with Arosa girls and also my KDU girls. i'm quite bad in staying in touch with friends, but i'll try my best not to loose them.

okeyy.. oraits.. that's all for now.. if anything else, i'll update next year okeyy.. TATA!!!~

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