Sunday, November 04, 2012

Sanding - Pinbadge (sponsored by my sister, Echa)

I got this idea after i went to a wedding (wedding of my fiance's project manager's brother. haha)
then i told echa, my sister about it. she then got excited and wanted to survey where to do it and to sponsored those badges.. yeayy!!!~ tq echaa... u're the best sister i've ever had *oh wait a minute, you're the ONLY sister. ahahahaha*

design created and chosen by echa and approved by me ;)

see! they're all wearing it. yeay!

and moreeee!!
hmmm... the thing is.....
i've made this pinbadge for those who are helping on the day
esp those who sits in the front line.. ie yg tolong2 bagi doorgift

but to my surprise.. on the day itself, i tgk bykkkk org2 yg tak berkenaan pakai jugak
eh apehal ni?? those thing are not for everybody okeyyyy
grrr.. sgt tak puas hati! sesiapa yg pakai n tak tolong langsung, you know who you are!
and to be honest, i tak berbangga pon if jemputan tahu that u're my "uncle", "aunty" or "cousin"
tp takpe laa.. dah pakai dah pon kan.. maka, marilah senyum sahaja..

anyway, to those yg banyak membantu, thank you so much!
without all of you, majlis tersebut pasti cacat. uhuhhh..

PS: those yg byk membantu are wearing green.. ;)
also, sorry kpd mereka2 yg tak dpt sbb org lain dah rembat dlu..

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girlfriendsgf said...

sebab mereka yang tolong tu yang jenis ikhlas,xdapat badge un xpe, mereka yang tak tolong tu, yang jenis suka interframe jer, sbb tula kot takde perasaan pakai badge tu... errr tet...